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Five Minutes in Nevada

The only American state which I’ve actually visited is California, however I have technically been to Nevada.

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful area of the country. At certain times of the year, the mountains are covered in snow and the water is turquoise. You can ski or you can do watersports or on a warm day you can just lie back and relax. You can also wander through the redwoods.

It sits on the border between California and Nevada, so we crossed over just because we could. We stepped into Nevada and straight into a casino- which I don’t think are allowed on a commercial basis in California.

It was like another world. The light dulled and there was no concept of time whatsoever. It was quiet. Everyone seemed to be moving slowly. Being under 21 back then, we couldn’t gamble so we walked straight back out again.

And that was it. My five minutes in Nevada.



  1. alexberman123 says

    Yeah, theres not much to do there unless you’re 21+. California’s where its at!


    • I do need to go back now I’m 21! I did have to have several early nights in California as couldn’t go into bars but thankfully only a few 😛


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