A guide to Berlin’s nightlife

Berlin has a renowned nightlife- mostly revolving around techno-based music. During my month’s stay, I probably didn’t experience as much as I should have but here are the places I did discover:

#1: Weekend Club

Located at the top of an office block, Weekend Club cost about 12-15 to get in (I forget exactly) but for that you got both a club and amazing views of the city from the terrace. We knew roughly where it was but when we got there it wasn’t obvious. We only spotted it because we saw people handing their IDs over to some men standing in the doorway. The best way to find it is to spot the lighting around the terrace. Even though I wasn’t always a fan of the techno music which frequents most of Berlin’s nightlife, I had a really good time here. Possibly my favourite club in Berlin.


#2: Berghain

This is probably Berlin’s most famous club and a must for any techno music lover. Set up in an old power station, it is notoriously hard to get into with people often being turned away. I went with one friend and we managed to get in fine but we were pretty surprised. In fact, I spent the next 20 minutes worrying I’d get thrown out. I’m not sure if the whole club was open but we only found one dancefloor and apparently there’s more. Berliners tend to start their night late (after midnight and probably closer to 1am) and end in the early hours (I used to always walk past a bar on the way to school which was still busy at 8.30am). I wasn’t quite so good at this and we only stayed for a couple of hours and left at around 3.30am, after we had a good run around the place and a bit of a dance. Open Friday-Monday, you can spend days there from what I’ve heard. Entry was about the same as Weekend Club.

#3: Matrix

After weeks of techno clubs, we were in need of something cheesier and we found it here: the Liquid, the Oceania of Berlin. When I’m clubbing, I like chart/pop music where I can sing along and dance away. Again, it may have been a relatively early night and this wasn’t Berlin at its most hipster-ish, so if you only have the chance for one night out during your visit, you should probably try somewhere with more of a local vibe. If you need a cheesy night out however then this is it.

#4: Club der Visionaere

A club on the side of the river that didn’t charge much in entry on the Tuesday night we went. To me, it seemed more of a busy bar than a club, with lots of outdoor seating, chilled music and a good vibe. It was our final stop of the night and we did not end up staying long. It is probably a better place to start the night rather than end it but it was certainly a nice place to sit back with a drink next to the water. 


#5: Mein Haus am See

This bar was recommended to us by some locals. It was busy on the weekday night we went and it had seating inspired by baseball stadium seats. It had a good atmosphere and we always meant to go back but never made it.

#6: Weineri

At the Weineri, you buy a glass and then throughout the night help yourself from the bottles of wine provided. At the end of your night, you then pay what you feel you owe. I can’t imagine this concept working in England but it seemed to work in Berlin. People tend to be pretty honest and I think I actually overpaid for my share! Great idea and buzzy atmosphere.

#7: Kater Holzig

Sadly, I’ve heard that this place may have closed down but I’m including it on here to give a flavour of the kind of thing Berlin has to offer. Located in an abandoned block of flats, the whole building wasn’t open on the Thursday night we went but there was still enough for us to explore a little and lots of graffitied walls. It also had a nice, big outside area with seating and lights as well as an inside dancefloor pumping techno music. There was even a photobooth from which you could get a nice strip of slightly drunken photos.



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    1. Thank you! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and very much appreciate you nominating me for the award 😀 Congratulations for getting it yourself! I’m prepping for my exams at the moment but I look forward to passing it on asap.


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