Paris on a shoestring

In order to save some pennies, my friends and I decided to use the coach for our trip from London to Paris. This was a mistake. Had we actually booked it far in advance, when we first decided, it may have been worth it. Instead we kept leaving it so in the end we didn’t save enough money. It was still cheaper than the Eurostar but it took such a long time, so we spent a lot of our short time in Paris exhausted. 

Paris can be very expensive. Whatever you do, don’t order food from a place where there isn’t prices on the menu. It won’t be a nice surprise, but if you search a little you can find good food that isn’t too expensive.

As a student under the age of 26, Paris was surprisingly cheap for me. We got concession entry into places like the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe meaning that it was free. Notre Dame also has free entry to one and all, unless you want to actually go up it, instead of just taking a peak inside, and it was the same for Sacre Coeur where you could get some fantastic views of the city from its hilltop.

The thing with Paris is that it is simply just a beautiful city, even if is cold and rainy like it was when I was there. You can spend a day just wandering around looking at the architecture. The Louvre is set in a lovely park with sculptures dotted around. Finding the Moulin Rouge means that you can get your obligatory tourist photos without spending a penny, unless of course you want to go in a see a show. You can get pictures of the Eiffel Tower and watch the light show without paying to go up it. If you want views, just visit Sacre Coeur. Then there’s the many bridges like the love-locked Pont de l’Archevêché and famous names like the Champs Elysees. You don’t need money to see them, just a decent pair of shoes so that you can spend a day on your feet. Although having said that, the metro was actually not that expensive so you could justify not walking everywhere!

It turns out that actually, where there’s a will, there is always a way and Paris can be done on a very limited budget.

None of these photos cost me anything to take:


28 thoughts on “Paris on a shoestring

      1. Thank you, I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying it 🙂 Your blog sounds exciting and I look forward to keeping up with it! I’m actually going to Venice in a couple of days so your picture of the Bridge of Sighs has made me really excited!


      2. Thank you so much, I’m really excited about starting this blog because I’ve been discovering a lot of people with similar passions. And that picture was taken by my good friend during her Italy trip, and I’m excited to say that I’ll be touring all of Italy this summer as well. I can’t wait to here about your stay in Venice so please be sure write about it. I hope you have an amazing time indulging in the beautiful architecture and culture that Italy has to offer. (‘:


      3. Thank you! I’ll be sure to write about it asap!
        I’ve found the same thing since I joined the blogging community, it’s great finding people who have had such amazing experiences.
        It is a really beautiful picture! I’ve always wanted to tour around Italy- I’ve been to Rome and Naples but there is just so much to see and so many places to go- I’m sure it’ll be fantastic! Have you been to Italy before?


      4. I’ve actually never been to Italy, and this will be my first time touring all around Italy. I’m looking forward to reading about your trip to hopefully gain more insight on where I should visit during my stay.

        Best wishes for you trip!


      5. Thank you!
        Oh that is so exciting! I’ll make sure to write up Venice soon- it was a fantastic city, I’m sure you’ll love it! It is so picturesque and the architecture is amazing. There are also lots of galleries and good food!


  1. Oh Paris, my lovely Paris. It will always be my special love. We lived there for a year and we went to a different museum/art gallery or place of interest every weekend. There is still much we didn’t see. It would take several years to exhaust the sites of Paris. And yes you can do it on the cheap and it still a marvellous experience.


  2. Great post. My husband and I are heading to Paris this Fall and getting excited! Plan to do it cheaply since- as you mentioned- there’s so much to see for free/cheap, just wandering around on foot.


  3. Hi Ellis! I was wondering where you stayed in Paris and whether you would recommend it. I’m hoping to stay in Paris for 5-6 days in late July and am currently looking at hotels and hostels that are close to public transport. Love your blog by the way! Thanks, Anya 🙂


    1. Hello Anya! I stayed in a hostel called ‘Le Regent’ in Montmartre. I think we paid about £30 a night so it wasn’t cheap but it did seem to be a good deal for Paris, although prices may change depending on the season (I went in April).
      It was a few years ago now but I seem to remember it being quite nice. It was walking distance from Gare Du Nord, Sacre Coeur and the Moulin Rouge and there were quite a few shops and restaurants in the area. We did have to catch the Metro several times to get to places but there is a stop close to the hostel and it wasn’t that expensive. There was also kitchen and a nearby supermarket so you can save on food costs. I would recommend it.
      I hope that helps and you have a fantastic trip, Paris is an amazing city.
      Also, thank you, I’m really glad you are enjoying my blog 😀


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