The wonders of Brighton

Living in southeast England, the fact that I had only been to Brighton once was inexplicable. Then at the end of the summer, I somehow ended up there three times in around three weeks and I realised what I had been missing out on.

The Pavilion 

This was the first thing I spotted when I got off the bus. It was hard to miss. It looked like something that fell out of Russia. Or Turkey. Or India. Certainly, it didn’t look like anything I’ve seen in England. It was fantastic and perfect for getting some obligatory, slightly-hipster Facebook snaps.

The Pier and the beach

Brighton Pier comes complete with arcades, rides and places to buy sticks of rock. After shopping, eating and taking lots of photos, you can crash and relax in the sun on the beach- assuming there is sun, of course.

The Lanes

The Lanes are lots of little, narrow, windy streets where you can find quirky shops and cafes. The Angel Food bakery has some amazing cakes; from Oreo cupcakes to giant slices of chocolate cake (see below). The first time I went, we wandered past it and then retraced our footsteps when we decided we had made a mistake not going in. The second time, I tried to find it again and it took a while. The Lanes can be hard to navigate/I have no sense of direction. But it was certainly worth the time it took to find.

Food, art, shopping and nightlife

Then there is just everything else. You can stumble across street art. You can find your favourite shops, quirky stores and vintage clothes en masse. And then there’s the food. From burgers to vegan breakfasts to pots of curry. And of course, all the places for tea and cake. Then finally, when the sun goes down, all the bars and clubs come out. Particularly along the seafront.


6 thoughts on “The wonders of Brighton

  1. How fun and quirky! The pavilion is something I never would have guessed as being located in England; same with the graffiti walls (my favorite is the pie parachutes). I’m always amazing at what incredible travel adventures can be right in our backyard.


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