California Part Three: fish, food and detours

Los Gatos was quite a nice little town- pretty in the sunshine. It turns out it was easy to get to from San Jose but somehow we still managed to get lost coming back. That was probably because I was driving. We found a nice little coffee shop called Gilley’s, which did a great toasted chicken caesar sandwich, and a sweet shop called Powell’s. One thing America is not short of it good, old-style sweet shops. We also tried to buy some stamps for postcards home, but the mark-up put them out of our price range, so we shopped around and finally found some at an affordable price from the post office. Predictably I got lost on the drive home and had to be saved by the Sat Nav.

Our next trip was to Monterey and we were keen to return, if only for the shop called ‘The Chocolate Factory’. It looked like heaven from the outside but we didn’t have time to go in. Instead, we spent the day lunching at a restaurant on the waterfront (sadly the food wasn’t amazing but the views were unbeatable) and then went to the world famous aquarium. It lived up to its reputation with its fantastic collection of marine life, ranging from big jellyfish to otters and seahorses.

Monterey aquarium

Once home, we sorted campsite bookings for our forthcoming road trip. Well I say we, my travel buddy did most of the work whilst I looked on. We booked 6 nights at about £10 a night each, not bad at all. Our booking madness made us hungry so we drove down to the food court in the local mall found some Chinese food at Panda Express- my new favourite place. Fast food meets Chinese food. We then went to the cinema, for a mere $7.50 (cheaper than home), to see Clash of The Titans (I was in America a while ago)! In the interest of saving the pennies, we didn’t see it in 3D.


The next day, we decided to visit Berkeley. What appeared to be an easy drive in a straight line, didn’t turn out to be so easy when the signs disappeared and we ended up paying the toll for the Bay Bridge, heading into downtown San Francisco. After a bit of an adventure, getting lost and attempting to find a petrol station before we ran out of petrol, we found our way back.


Once at Berkeley, parking seemed to be impossible but after eventually finding a space, I grabbed some lunch at McDonald’s. We then got some directions to Telegraph Avenue, which apparently was the place to be, and wandered towards it in the sun- another place somewhat like Camden. It was very annoying that we couldn’t spend money or carry stuff around with us. Shopping was getting very tempting, so we hurried away from music shops and ended up at Cafe Gratitude. Cafe Gratitude turned out to be a vegan restaurant where everything seemed to be served raw. After a ‘I Am Compassionate’ orange juice and a ‘I Am Open’ tea, we headed back to San Jose. We got lost again.


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