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New Zealand: the Real Middle Earth

I love the Lord of the Rings films, so some of the highlights of my time in New Zealand were seeing Mount Doom (even if this did involve an 8-hour, exhausting hike) and an actual town called Hobbiton. You can actually go to movie set of Hobbiton but sadly we didn’t have time on my bus tour. Oh well, next time.



      • On second thought it reminds me of north Africa – Tunsia, Morocco? The Atlas Mountains?


      • I see what you mean, although I felt that it had less of a desert feel than the Atlas Mountains


      • I have some pictures from Tunisia and they look a lot like the ones you showed.


      • I can imagine Tunisia does have some amazing landscapes, I have never been but would really love to go!


    • Thank you!
      New Zealand is such a stunning country. I have been very lucky and fingers crossed I’ll be able to go back again soon!


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