Invest in festival food

The first time I went to a festival I had heard word that festival food was infamously expensive so I brought minimal cash and went in search of food affordable on a student budget. It was hard to find. Hence in two days I had three meals of chips. 

For my last dinner, I threw in a curveball to mix things up a little bit after finding a spud-stand. I went with mash and gravy. The chips were good, the mash and gravy was good, but there was so much more on offer and the smells were continually wafting over to me.

Then came the next year and all of a sudden things changed. In my mind, festival food went from being a necessity to part of the festival experience, as much as camping (which have yet to do) or watching the acts. During my second trip to the festival, I can’t exactly remember my entire menu for the day but I haven’t forgotten my goat curry and churros dessert.

That’s the thing with festival food. There is every kind of food you can think of. Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Caribbean, Spanish; the list could go on.

The last time I frequented a festival I went for hog roast. Can you ever beat a hog roast? Well, maybe. My pizza was also very good.

Festival food can seem expensive, particularly if you’re there for several days, but if you think about it, it’s no more than eating out anywhere else- three times a day. If you are going to go to a festival, you have to go the whole way. I remember some of my meals as much as I remember some of the acts. You go on, treat yourself, or at least treat yourself a couple of times.


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