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A US Road Trip: thanks for your help Sat Nav

I’m not known for my great sense of direction, but what do you do when you get so lost even your Sat Nav doesn’t know where you are?

I was driving through California, from Santa Cruz, in search of our campsite. We were driving south and had booked a place on the internet that would stagger our journey and was close to the Big Sur, which we were keen to drive down.

After a 2.5 hour drive, following a sign, I pulled off the freeway and onto a quiet road, with a few cars intermittently coming in the other direction. A tumble weed scattered around in front of us. How funny.

After driving for a while, we started to get confused. There was no sign of anyone driving in our direction. There was also no sign of our campsite. We pulled into a lay-by and switched on the Sat Nav. A big question mark came up in the middle of the screen. It didn’t have a clue. That’s not a promising sign. If our Sat Nav didn’t know where we were, how could we?

Finally at the end of the road, we found the campsite. Nobody was there. It was almost empty and noone was on the gate. It was mid-afternoon and we were in the middle of nowhere. There was nothing really for us to do and we had seen one too many American-based horror movies to consider staying. So, we turned around and drove two hours back again and checked into a hostel in Monterey. I think our Sat Nav would agree, we made the right decision. If only we had done our research.



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