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In-n-Out: America’s Most Convenient Burger

America is undeniably the land of food, of giant meals and of multiple restaurants on one block.

The first time I tried to order a meal in America, from the extensive menu, it went something like this:

Me: Can I have the X burger please?
Waiter: Would you like to eat in or take-away ?
Me: Takeaway.
Waiter: Would you like normal or sweet potato fries?
Me: Erm, normal.
Waiter: How would you like your burger done?
Me: Erm, medium
Waiter: Would you like a soda with that?
Me: Yes.
Waiter: Diet or regular?
Me: Regular.
Waiter: What size would you like?
Me: Erm, regular.
Me: (stomach rumbles) 


The agony of choice does look good

For a Brit unused to American service and incapable of making decisions that was a lot of options. I just wanted a burger, although, admittedly, it did look good.

After relating this sorry tale to my travel buddy’s relative, he took us to fast food restaurant In-N-Out Burger and all our problems were solved. The menu was small and concise, containing only a handful of items. Within moments, our food was ordered and I was holding a burger and fries. Now this was more like it.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t keen on American food culture (it is a foodie paradise) but, for a beginner being thrown into the deep end, this burger let us ease our way in.



  1. Starving by variety! I experienced the same situation with coffee ending in despair and nearly crying like a kid. Just wanted a quick and simple coffee – like in the good old times. Therefore I cherish italian coffeeshops.
    But anyway you can’t beat a good burger.


  2. Oh, this is taking me back to my university town in SoCal…being here in Ireland I have dreams about In-N-Out! One thing I like about the fries is that they’re all natural. Did you try their thick milkshakes? They’re great.
    The fries in your picture look tasty. in Ireland they’re all about fat, shorter fries, and since I’m abstaining from McDonald’s until I get back I will miss the long crunchy fries in the States!


    • Sadly, I didn’t try their milkshakes but if I’m ever back there I will make sure to! I am a big fan of chunky fries but sometimes you just can’t beat the long, crunchy ones.


  3. kmednick says

    Next time, do some research and order from the secret menu. i like animal style burger, also tasty on fries!!!!! yum!


    • It was really good but I didn’t try much more fast food in America, I’ll have to do more research and see 😛


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