Studying in Berlin
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When in Berlin, eat currywurst

You cannot go on holiday without trying some of the local cuisine. From sampling the local delicacies, you can tell as much about a place as you can from museums and sightseeing.

Everyone knows that Germany’s specialty is the bratwurst. I had the typical German meal in the typical German setting: a beer festival. Bratwurst in a hot dog bun, smothered in ketchup and mayonnaise, and a beer with a brass band in the background. It was the ultimate way to settle into the country.


Berlin’s delicacy of currywurst takes this one step further and covers the sausage in curry sauce, with a dusting of curry powder. This may sound like a odd combination but if you like curry and if you like sausages then what’s not to love? I was certainly craving it enough to have it more than once.

During my first trip to Berlin, several years ago, I tried currywurst on a visit to Berlin Zoo, but I could only remember thinking that it wasn’t as weird as I was expecting. On my return, I treated myself to another one on an outing to Mauer Park one Sunday.

On Sundays, Mauer Park plays host to a karaoke session that draws in a large crowd of eager watchers and a flea market. If I can recommend doing anything in Berlin, it would be this- whilst eating currywurst.



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