Berlin Vol 1.2: parks, partying and Primark

After my uneventful first blog post about my time in Berlin, I am happy to inform you that I started to do more with my time.

After I hit publish on the last post, I ended up going out for dinner and drinks with a couple of people from my hostel. My Berlin embarrassing moment number two followed shortly as it was down to me to find a place to go, since they had only just arrived. I figured I’d take them to the beer garden I went to. It would be the perfect way to spend your first night in the city- just not the way I do it. We ended up in completely the wrong place and instead settled down to dinner at a Thai restaurant which we stumbled across. Dinner was followed by a walk through Mauer Park– hand in hand with a beer- because apparently that is what everyone does on a warm summer’s evening in Berlin.

The next day, I continued to get out and about, although only as far as Primark. It was ages away but I still made the trek with a friend. Hey, a girl has to shop.

Friday was also the day that we officially sorted out a flat, after having found one on Airbnb and gone for a viewing- so we did do something productive. Not that buying crop tops from Primark wasn’t productive.

We went for a stroll in our new neighbour of Kreuzberg and found a great Turkish food market close by, next to the river. We ended up sipping some smoothies whilst listening to a sitar player. Not too shabby really.

That evening involved my first German house party and it was pretty different to any I have been to before. The flat looked like it had been designed to host parties. In the big living room there was a DJ booth, a bar selling drinks and a fußball table nearby. I played several times but only won once, but for me that counts as being on a roll.


Due to the temperature on Saturday, it seemed like the perfect day to go to the lakes and indeed it would have been if I hadn’t got lost once again. Never mind. We found a beach bar next to the river and slobbed out for an afternoon on the sunbeds with our books. It was almost like being on holiday, minus the railway line and the cranes that were surrounding our little haven.

For dinner, we found a really cheap, fast food pasta place in Prenzlauer Berg, where I got a meal of mushroom tortellini for 3,50 euros. The heat has rather been spoiling my appetite so the dish lasted me for the whole of the next day. That’s one way to do summer on a student budget!

The next night, we almost got lost again, although this time was not completely our fault. We decided to go to Weekend Club near Alexanderplatz, which was cleverly hidden away at the top of what appeared to be an office block. After wandering around the area we knew it was in, we finally spotted it after noticing some girls handing over their IDs to the group of guys that were hanging around the entrance. We made it up to the roof terrace where we found where Berlin’s breeze was being kept. We didn’t really make the most of the dancefloor below but it was the perfect place to spend an evening, looking out over the city with some music and drinks.



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